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Help support two members of our partner organization, the Congress of Day Laborers!

July 8, 2014

On May 13, 2014, Wilmer Irias Palma and Yestel Velasquez were arrested when ICE conducted a sweeping workplace raid of a Latino auto-shop in a heavily Latino suburb of New Orleans. Wilmer was working on auto repairs and Yestel was a customer retrieving his car when ICE raided the shop, detaining anyone onsite.

Over the past two years, the ICE Southern Regional Office has been targeting Latino neighborhoods and businesses frequented by Latinos across the New Orleans area, for stop-and-frisk type raids where Latinos are stopped, fingerprinted, and arrested. Such operations have been the subject of national concern and attention.

In May, Wilmer and Yestel filed a complaint with DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties reporting these abusive ICE operations, and DHS has opened an investigation. In response ICE has denied their request for prosecutorial discretion by granting a three-month stay of removal which ICE is requiring them to serve in detention. Effectively sentencing civil rights complainants to detention followed by deportation violates ICE’s prosecutorial discretion policy and clearly deters victims from reporting civil rights abuse by ICE.

Please support them by signing the petition at!

A Kid-Friendly Fundraiser!

March 22, 2014

rubarbRUBARB’s 4th Annual Fundraiser!

The event will feature music, an exciting puppet show, a silent and live auction, and much more! Kid friendly and free! (Adults $10)

Sat, March 22nd at the Red House (2820 St. Claude, corner of Press St).

All proceeds help provide RUBARB, an all-volunteer community bike shop, the resources to have Open Shop, snacks, field trips, bike rides, tools, and community space to youth and adults in the 9th ward!

Hang in there, parents!

January 27, 2014

What with the cold and the rain and the snow (we see you, North East), getting boxed in for long hours with the little ones is enough to make anyone long for the good ol’ days of childless living.  Take a breath, pat yourself on the back.  Remind yourself that the floor does NOT need to be picked up right now.  Go on a walk by yourself.  Treat yourself to a nice hot bath after the babies have finally gone down.  Take care!

Self care

An update from Congreso

December 4, 2013





We Love Our Volunteers!

November 5, 2013

The C4 core wants to show our appreciation for our volunteers in the collective! We know it can be stressful at times chasing around kids at the meetings, so we raffled off a massage (donated by Asher! Thanks so much!) to give away to one of our volunteers. KATE SMASH, is the massage winner this time. More massage giveaways to come. Thanks so much to everyone who does childcare with C4.


C4 will have a table at the New Orleans anarchist bookfair this weekend. Come say hello! Saturday 11-5 and noon-6!

October 16, 2013



October 16, 2013