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C4’s Partner STAND Holds Rally & Press Conference Tues April 16 at 9:30 AM

April 15, 2013

Calling All C4 volunteers and allies!! Come out in support of STAND’s press conference and rally!!!!  Info below. 


We need to rebuild our communities- not just the buildings in them.  But how can we do that if local workers are locked out of the reconstruction?  Did you know that in the New Orleans metro area Black household earning income is 50% less than white households?  When Black workers are locked out of living wage jobs and opportunities to build career ladders this gap will only continue to grow. 

Stand with Dignity has been fighting for full and fair employment for the past three years.  In March 2012, we were excited to win a major victory from HANO in the passage of the new Employment, Training, and Contracting Policy at HANO.  This policy includes critical groundbreaking language requiring a Community Workforce Agreement on all projects with collective contracts of $25 Million or more..STAND photo

Over a year later, rather than sitting at a negotiating table to hammer out the details of an agreement which could start to shift the racial income gap in New Orleans we once again are forced to stand up for what is right for New Orleans.

David Gilmore, the Federal Receiver of HANO, is letting big business bully him into shelving this policy.  At a time when he is being forced to take away Section 8 vouchers because of the sequester, David Gilmore has decided to side with contractors over New Orleans residents and take away living wage, careerladder jobs.

We are ready to defend our policy win- and we are asking you to join with us and take action!

When: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 9:30AM

Where: Parking Lot- Norman Mayer and Canton Street

What: Rally and Press Conference for Full and Fair Employment.  Members and Allies of Stand with Dignity will tell David Gilmore to stand with workers, not big business and enforce his Community Workforce Agreement Policy.

After the press conference we will march into the HANO Board meeting together.

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